The smartphone market is literally saturated with mobile games, and while I won’t get into some that have been popping up everywhere with celebrity/model endorsements, I will get into a cute little game about taking care of cats.

Neko Atsume is a perfect, passive game that isn’t locked behind any type of free-to-play paywall. The main objective of the game is to leave food and toys out in your backyard to encourage cats to visit. As cats come by, you’ll be able to log them in your journal and take pictures of them in action. After several visits, the cats will give you a treasure of theirs, like a cicada shell or a shiny coin. As cats visit, they’ll repay you with silver and gold sardines, the game’s currency, to buy more toys and expansions for your backyard.

Different toys and foods will attract different cats, and some specific items will attract rare-looking cats, who generally give more sardines and have a different appearance as well. All in all, it’s a fun little game to check in on every once in a while that doesn’t rely on microtransactions to progress substantially.

While this game is almost entirely in Japanese, fear not! I’ve come prepared with both a guide for how to play the game¬†and also a walkthrough¬†detailing the cats’ favorite toys, foods, and profiles.



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In her spare time she can be found sleeping somewhere on-campus, or eating.
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